Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Today Is A Good Day To Die

Today Is A Good Day To Die

I strive to be able to say these words every single day of my life - and to MEAN it.

Now I know that straight away, most of you will have taken that completely the wrong way. It does not mean I'm suicidal or that I want to die. It is in fact about as opposite as you can get!

Most of you will have heard these words from Native American Indians, or whatever you have to call them to be PC these days. The rest of you uncouth yobs may have heard it in the film 'Flatliners'.

It does not mean "I want to die today". Let me explain it:

If you live your life to your best ability, fulfilling your potential in every possible way - then you've done all you can.

You've LIVED.

I can look back on my life, and see there are people I have genuinely helped - some I've even saved their lives in some way.
I have friends and family who I'd do almost anything for, and they for me.
I've followed my dreams, and learnt Martial Arts, Sword Fencing, played Quarterback in US Football.
Played bass on stage and sung on stage in two excellent bands.
I've loved with my whole heart and soul.
I've made people feel loved who never had that before.
I've had a hell of a lot of fun.
I've had a hell of a lot of pain.
I've seen loads of money come rolling in, and loads go rolling out.
I've been self-employed.
I've seen the true beauty of nature; of people; of everything.
I've laughed.
I've faced death on its terms and on my own terms.
I've known the joy of connecting with animals of all kinds.
I've striven to be a Good Person.
I've met my own Evil, embraced it, and controlled it.
I've seen the truth in peoples eyes - good and bad.
I've ridden high-performance bikes at insane speeds in all locations of the UK, and not only survived the experience but been PAID for it!
I've stood on a hillside looking out over the world and realised how awesome it was.
I've experienced things that are either supernatural or just plain weird.
I've made love - properly, with someone who loved me and I loved them.
I've made others cry with laughter.
I've felt and given passion.
I've been a success at almost everything I've ever wanted to do.

That's nowhere near my full list - and how many people can even touch on that???

And although that's only a tiny fraction of what I want to do, and what I know I can and will do with the rest of my life - I think I can say I've lived.

And I love life.

So if I died today, it would be as good a day as any for it. Sure, it would mean there's an infinite number of things I haven't done, but I haven't wasted my life, and I've made my mark. People would miss me - I think I can safely say I'd be remembered in a fond way by almost everyone I've ever met.

Today is a fine day, with endless possibilities. Anything could happen. I won't take this day or any other for granted.

Today is a good day.

Who wants to die on a bad day?

And that is why I'll often say to myself: "Today is a good day to die."

Can you say it?


  1. For a lazy git, you're kind of inspiring. ;-)

  2. Thanks!

    I don't say I'm a Knight In Shining Armchair for nothing! ;o)