Thursday, 12 March 2009

Romance & Relationships - You're Doing It Wrong!!!

Romance & Relationships - You're Doing It Wrong!!!

I got bored on a quiet day yesterday, so decided to have a trawl through some of the 'top blogs' lists on MySpace. First off, I couldn't really give a kippers dick that my blogs aren't allowed to rank (although it would be nice to have the odd one ranking now and again just to piss on Tom's bonfire) - but I think it is taking the piss when most of these 'top blogs' have one or two comments on them?!

I mean come the fuck on! Do they pull these rankings out of a hat??? And people are still trying to hit these 'top rankings'?

Of course, as I like laughing at stupid people, I found myself reading random blogs from the Romance & Relationships category.

There were two types of blogs that seemed to dominate:

Blogs by women who've just met someone and saying how chuffed they were to have been discussing their future plans of marriage and children with their new man, and

Blogs by women whose new lover has just stopped contacting them after a seemingly great date.


Do I really have to spell out the link between these? Is there a plague of Desperation sweeping the women of the world?

Then there are the dating blogs. All the tales of woe about how nobody wants to commit to a proper relationship. How people are meeting up and as it turns out all one side wants (usually the male) is sex. And they usually appear to get it.

Mingled in snuggly with these are the dating blogs written by people who are going on as many dates with as many people as they can.

"Don't tie yourself down! Look at all the options!" they cry! These are modern times and it's a buyers market! There's no need for anyone to settle until they're absolutely sure they've found the right partner.


Is it just me here that can see this shit? Look! Can you spot where the problem is with both of those?

*jumps around and makes spakka noises*

FFS people! Is everyone really as stupid as it's looking?

Is this why cheating is on the up - because nobody knows what the fuck they want or are supposed to want anymore?

After all, why bother committing to set yourself up for failure when the one you've been dating for a few weeks decides Date #13 was a better liar when asked about what they wanted 20 years into the future?

And at least they got the shag.

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